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Harness the power of conversational AI solutions to improve your business communications.

#1 Human-like

Efficient communications
customer experience
business performance
Supporting customers, qualifying leads, talking to job candidates, conducting polls — there are plenty of tasks virtual agents can deal with. Besides, 99% of the customers can't distinguish an AI-fueled virtual agent from an actual human.
No matter how many calls your contact center can handle per day — AI-powered virtual agents by Voctiv can serve 3x as much in no time.

Enhance your brand's communications with conversational AI

Upgrade your customer service

Multichannel communications
A virtual agent can connect to the customers via multiple channels, including сalls, messengers, SMS, or email.
Customers no longer need to wait in line since an AI-powered call center handles requests a lot faster.
Quicker response — up to 10 times
AI-based virtual agents don't need rest, always abide by the guidelines, and can efficiently respond to hundreds of requests.
Support available 24/7/365

Advance your key business metrics

in RFIs, sales, and pilot projects as compared to a human sales manager.
+20% conversion boost
you'll need to spend on the contact center.
2.4 times less
10 000+ calls
can be simultaneously handled by the AI-fueled contact center. Reach out for more potential customers and upscale the number of calls at no additional cost.
How can the AI-fueled virtual agents help you business succeed?
Customer service
Handle up to 80% of inbound calls with a virtual agent so that your customer care managers can focus on more crucial and creative tasks.
Cut the customer service costs by up to 2.5 times.
Improve your business performance by delivering an excellent multichannel experience to your customers throughout the funnel.
Make sure customer service is available 24/7/365.
Help customers solve their problems by being attentive and responding considerately and politely.
Improve customer experience by providing high-quality assistance and speedy issue settlement.
Make calls and qualify leads for further processing.
Instantly react to your customers' requests, foreseeing their needs and preventing them from looking elsewhere.
Ensure the quick processing of the qualified leads while leaving out the irrelevant ones. Improve efficiency with timely follow-ups.
Lead qualification
Train AI-powered virtual agents to apply the most successful sales approaches and techniques.
Increase your conversion rate by up to 20% and lower the cost of a lead up to 2.4 times.
Liberate your HR managers from monotonous tasks and let them concentrate on interviews.
Reach more job candidates.
Streamline candidate sourcing and eliminate manual labor.
Recruit staff two times faster by applying AI at the first stage.
Poll your customers after each interaction to discover weaknesses and limitations in the business operations and managers' performance.
Boost the completion rate by 30%.
Lower expenses on research by three times while maintaining the data quality.
Call thousands of customers at the same time to speed up your survey or marketing research.
Surveys / NPS
...and other use cases.
Contact us to learn how conversational AI can reinforce your business processes.
...and other industries.
Contact us to learn how conversational AI can reinforce your business processes.
Streamline the customer application process, quickly switch customers to the appropriate specialist, conduct employee assessment and reach out to job candidates.
Process more insurance requests simultaneously and increase claim management effectiveness with all customer history data at hand.
Solve customer issues more quickly and efficiently, providing an excellent customer experience. Cover up to 80% of primary requests without engaging a human agent. Promote new service plans, convey polls and surveys, etc.
Engage with your patients by informing and reminding them about the appointments, manage reschedulings and cancellations, and provide assistance round the clock.
Ensure 24/7 support for your offerings, notify of the purchase and the delivery status. Engage with customers by retaining those who didn't complete their purchase, cross-selling, informing about the loyalty programs, etc.
Retail and ecommerce
Call samples
Telecom operator
Delivery service
Customer informing and retaining process optimization
Reaching out for customers to offer new services
Use case:
conversion growth for specific scenarios
higher reach due to AI usage
Listen to the recording
Streamlined delivery process, increased customer satisfaction rate
Listen to the recording
Customer service: outbound call regarding the package delivery status
Use case:
of customers actually took the package within 2 days
success rate of сustomer calls thanks to the custom call management
Get great results and boost your ROI using conversational AI. Contact us today to book a pilot project.
Intelligent technologies empowering your business

Omnichannel Hub

Calls, messaging apps, email, API.

NLU Engine

Сutting-edge natural language processing algorithms delivering great results on small datasets.

Conversation Builder

Easy-to-use no-code visual builder for virtual agent creation.
Launch your project in three weeks
Data collection
Only 600 call records are required to get started.
on small datasets.
Training the NLU Engine
1 week
After several thousands of calls, the recognition accuracy reaches 95%, guaranteed.
1 week
Data analysis and conversational flow design.
Conversational flow
1 week
Why choose Voctiv?
Half of the team are mature AI experts with extensive expertise; we use a technology stack of our own.
5 years on the Conversational AI market
99% of people can't distinguish AI from a human agent. Virtual agents can change intonation, make pauses, and follow the conversation flow to make it sound logical and natural. Besides, AI is getting better with each conversation thanks to machine learning technology.
Human-like AI agents
~ 3 weeks are required to devise the scenario and implement a pilot.
Quick launch
Increase the number of channels instantly during holidays, marketing campaigns, or unforeseen spikes in demand. Contact Center AI by Voctiv can adapt to any business needs.
Easy scaling
Only ~600 call recordings are required to start using the technology.
Rapid AI learning
Virtual agents can support your customers via calls, messengers, SMS, and email.
Omnichannel communication

About the company

Here at Voctiv, we are building the future of communications. Our team is growing fast to achieve big goals and create top-notch new-gen technologies using a thoughtful, human approach.

We help build fully autonomous, AI-powered contact centers with virtual agents capable of holding sophisticated talks and mimicking emotions. Less than 1% of people were able to distinguish a virtual agent from a human agent, based on 300 million conversations.

The company's portfolio includes projects with the largest telecom operators, retailers, and other major companies.
5 years on the Conversational AI market
Enhanced contact centers with more than 100 000 virtual agents
50% of the team — experts in Artificial Intelligence
190+ employees
Offices in San Jose, Jakarta, Сairo, Istanbul, São Paulo, Hanoi
Global presence


Istanbul, Turkey
111 N Market St#300
San Jose, USA
Jakarta, Indonesia
São Paulo, Brazil
Cairo, Egypt
Hanoi, Vietnam


We are committed to developing AI solutions that will dramatically change the way customer-business communicate. Our team consists of linguists, engineers, and experts specializing in neural networks, machine learning, and telecom.

We are constantly polishing our AI solution to ensure it's getting more human-like and can recognize human speech accurately, maintain the conversation flow, and express natural emotions.
If you want to create the technologies of the future together with the Voctiv team, contact us!
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Indonesian (Bahasa), Vietnamese, Tagalog (Filipino)
Python developer
Python programming experience, Linux knowledge, PostgreSQL experience, understanding of the OSI model and high-level protocols
Knowledge of Python and ML-stack, basic Linux knowledge, experience with PostgreSQL
Data scientist
Conversational flow designer
Experience in scripts development, basic algorithm understanding, and large amounts of data analysis experience
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