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Updated: Jan 29, 2024


Disclosure of Compliance with Google API Services User Data Policy

Voctiv’s use and transfer of information received from Google APIs will adhere strictly to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including its Limited Use requirements. This commitment ensures that our handling of user data obtained through Google APIs is in full compliance with both Google’s standards and our dedication to user privacy and security.

1. Overview

Voctiv Inc (the “Company”) respects your privacy. This Privacy Policy is designed to explain how the Company collects, uses, shares, and safeguards information from or about you, including personal information, in connection with the services it provides (the “Services”). The Services include the Voctiv apps, the Voctiv websites (such as, and others), the Voctiv telephony platform, and other Voctiv software.

By your access and/or use of the Services, whether you are a registered Voctiv user or a visitor who has not registered for Voctiv, you represent and affirm that (a) you are a United States or Canadian resident, (b) you are using the Services only in the United States or Canada, (c) to the extent you access or use any of Voctiv’s advertising services, that you will advertise only to residents of the United States and/or Canada, and (d) you consent to the collection and use of information from or about you and your access and/or use of the Services, including as such collection and use is explained in this Privacy Policy.

If you do not consent to the collection and use of information from or about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy, then you may not use the Services. Note that children under 13 years of age may not register or use the Services under any circumstances. Further, the Services are not intended to be used by children without involvement and approval of a parent or guardian.

2. Information We Collect

The Company may collect the following information from or about you, including personal information, from the following sources:

Information You Provide to Us Directly. We collect information you explicitly provide to us. When you create a Voctiv account, for example, we may collect personal information including your name, phone number(s), and email address. Should you upgrade to a premium offering, we collect information about the Voctiv premium plan you purchase, and we may collect credit card or other payment information, as well as your address and zip code. We may also collect information you provide when you take advantage of specific features, options, and settings, such as granting us permission to upload your address book or forwarding additional phone numbers to your account.

Data Collected Through Service Usage. We collect information from your use of the Services. We may collect information from and about the browser or device you are using, as well as information about your internet or other network activity. This information may include your IP address, device type, browser and software characteristics (such as type and operating system), referral URLs, network state, device identifiers or other unique identifiers such as advertising identifiers (e.g., “ad-ID” or “IDFA”) and identifiers associated with cookies, and carrier information. We also collect information about your activity on the Services including information about the web pages and app screens you visit.

Data Collected Through Cookies and Similar Technologies. Similarly to many online services, we use various technologies to collect usage data and store preferences. These technologies include:

Cookies. A cookie is a small data file created by our website and stored on your computer or phone. The use of cookies is standard in the industry. We use cookies for login verification, session management, load balancing, and personalization. We never use cookies to retrieve information from your computer or phone that you had not already voluntarily provided to us, and we do not allow advertisers or other companies access to our cookies. You can change your browser settings to disable cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie. However, disabling cookies or deleting information contained in cookies may interfere with the Services, including not being able to store your preferences or login information.
Pixels and Beacons. In addition to cookies, we may use other technologies such as pixel tags or web beacons, which can be embedded in web pages, videos, or emails, to collect certain types of information from your browser or device, check whether, when, and from what IP, you have viewed a particular web page, email message, image, or ad.
Mobile SDKs. We may also work with third parties including our business partners and service providers who use mobile Software Development Kits (“SDKs”) to collect information, such as advertising identifiers (e.g., “ad-ID” or “IDFA”) and information related to how mobile devices interact with the Services, including which actions are taken in our mobile apps. This information can be used, for example, to determine what web pages, apps, and services most effectively refer people to sign up for and/or download Voctiv.
Data Related To Phone Calls. We collect information for the calls related to your use of the Services. For example, we store data about every call that is visible to its mobile applications or that involves the Voctiv telephony platform. These data includes the metadata on the call, including the originating phone number and caller id, the originally called number (when available), the terminating phone number, and the contents and transcription of any audio associated with the call, such as a voicemail that is deposited by the caller. This information is kept completely private, stored securely and available only to your account except in the specific cases described below where you explicitly share the data or give us access to it.

3. Use of Information We Collect

General Use. We use the information we collect from or about you to help provide the Voctiv Services. This includes:

Operating the Services, including call blocking, voicemail replacement, auto attendant, virtual number provision and usage, reverse phone number look up, and other-related services.
Customizing you and your callers’ experience with using the Services.
Evaluating and optimizing the features and performance of the Services.
Communicating with you about the Services.
Providing customer support for your use of the Services.
Providing and evaluating the advertising you see through or related to the Services.
Compiling aggregate data for business purposes.
Enforcing our terms of service.
Detecting and protecting against fraudulent, illegal or harmful activities.
Complying with legal obligations.
Any other purpose disclosed to you when we collect the information or that is related to a request made by you.
Use Of Call-Related Data. We may use data provided by you about individual calls and callers to better identify incoming phone numbers, support our robocall blocking efforts, and help others make or receive fewer unwanted calls. For example, when you report a particular call as spam, you grant us permission to access the data for that call, including any audio provided in the call, and any associated commentary you provide, so that we can analyze it, publish it, and otherwise use those data to support robocall blocking efforts and application of conversational AI features. Similarly, when you provide names associated with phone numbers, we use those data to determine whether a caller is likely to be spam, as well as to validate or invalidate the caller IDs we or third parties are associating with particular phone numbers.

Use of Payment Information. We use payment information, such as credit card numbers and billing ZIP code, and commercial information, such as the Voctiv plan(s) you purchase, to help provide Voctiv’s premium services. For example, we use payment information to process any payments you make, to retrieve your account information in the absence of online authentication, to determine whether a you are eligible for specific promotions, and to detect abuse of the Services.

Use of Aggregated Information. In addition to the individual data use described in this Privacy Policy, we may aggregate information about you and other individuals together, while ensuring that the information does not directly or indirectly identify you. We may use aggregated information for any legitimate business purpose, including for research and analysis, providing our Services, targeted advertising, and promotional purposes. For example, we (or a third-party service provider working on our behalf) may collect and processes, non-personally identifiable, general information about demographics (age, gender, and interests) and usage of the Services. This may include combining your actions on our website or apps with Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. This category of information is general and cannot and is not used to identify specific users, telephone numbers, or email addresses.

Voctiv does not share or transfer any user data obtained from Google, including data from Google Calendar, with third-party tools or AI models. Our use of such data is strictly confined to providing and enhancing our services, ensuring full respect for user privacy and compliance with our data protection commitments.

4. Sharing Information with Others

We may share information collected from or about you with others, including service providers, business partners, advertisers, and other companies that are not affiliated with Voctiv, for the purposes described below.

Third-Party Service Providers. We may share information collected from or about you with companies that provide specific services to us that enable providing, optimizing, evaluating, and improving our Services. This includes telephony services providers (including SIP gateway, text message gateway, caller ID, and phone number providers), hosting providers, transcription providers, payment processing providers, and others. The Company may provide specific information to these third parties, as may be necessary for them to provide specific services to the Company. For example, to send you a text message, Voctiv must provide your mobile number and the content of your message to a text message gateway service. Similarly, to bill you for a premium service, we must provide information about you and your payment information to a third-party payment processer.

This also includes sharing information with third-party service providers that support our goals to drive more engagement with our services, upsell our users to premium services, measure our service usage, and bring back former users. For example, we share specific events with our service providers so we can determine what features are most important to our users and focus our efforts on improving them.

Voctiv enters into agreements with these third parties that contain applicable restrictions on use of and access to data covered by this Privacy Policy. Voctiv cannot be responsible, however, for the actions of parties it does not own or control.

Third-Party Business Partners Engaged in Identifying and Blocking Robocallers. We may share usage and call data with third parties, such as wireless carriers and the vendors they work with to:

Improve the quality of their labeling and blocking services.
Permit them to determine whether a call is likely from an unwanted robocaller.
Help carriers, law enforcement, and others track down, disrupt, and/or prosecute robocallers and illegal actors, and
Support other tasks that directly correspond to reducing the number of unwanted robocalls.
Third-Parties Engaged in Advertising to Users and Potential Users. We may share advertising IDs and other related information to third parties who provide advertising in our Services, so that they can provide more targeted advertising to our users. We may also create custom audiences for third-party advertisers that support new user acquisition and remarketing efforts. However, when Voctiv is provided by your existing carrier as a default voicemail, unless you separately agree via your carrier, there is no third-party advertising added by Voctiv, there is no marketing to you based on your “CPNI” data, and no data on you or our communication-related activities is provided to these third-parties.

Third Parties When Required By Law or When Necessary to Protect Your or Our Rights. We may disclose information from or about you in certain cases without providing you an opt-out mechanism. For example, we may disclose your information to:

Comply with the law or legal processes.
Comply with requests for cooperation from a government entity.
Protect our legal rights, or those of our affiliates or partners.
Protect our users or related third parties.
Protect against fraud.
Enforce our Terms of Use.
Third Parties in Connection with Certain Transactions. If we sell all or part of our business, make a transfer of assets, or otherwise might be involved in a change of control transaction, or in the event of bankruptcy, we may transfer information from or about you to one or more third parties as part of the transaction, including the due diligence process.

Parties With Your Consent Or Explicit Sharing. We may also share information from or about you with any party when we have your consent or when you otherwise choose to share such information. For example, the Services offer a set of features that permit you to share or publish voicemail and/or share or publish call data, including the following.

You may forward a voicemail to another user, to an arbitrary email address, or to a phone number, either individually or by using a setting that does so automatically. If you share a voicemail, you assume the responsibility of the distribution of such messages, and that personal information contained in and metadata related to such messages may be made public.
You may report a given call as spam and provide commentary on given calls and callers. When you do so, your spam report includes all information about the call, including the caller, the audio associated with the caller, and any explicit comments you provide. This information may be published on Voctiv website, and this information may be made available to third-parties interested in blocking calls from such callers, such as carriers involved in the call and/or brands or companies mentioned in such calls.

5. Your Controls and Choices, Including Opt-Out Options

Opt-Out from Marketing Communications. When you sign up for Voctiv, you agree to allow us to communicate with you through emails and/or voicemails and/or text messages and/or push notifications for marketing or transactional communications. You may opt out of receiving marketing communications from Voctiv by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in a particular communication or by contacting Voctiv at You cannot opt out of transactional messages, because those may contain important information, such as service announcements, policy modifications (including changing this privacy statement), administrative messages, or responses to feedback you provided. These messages, however, are sent only when necessary.

Opt-Out Options for Online Behavioral Advertising. Online Behavioral Advertising uses information collected from or about you across websites, applications and other platforms to provide more relevant advertising to you. Some third parties that collect such information about you on the Services participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising and/or may be members of the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). These include ad networks and partners, data exchanges, marketing analytics, and digital advertising and marketing service providers). There are several tools for opting out or customizing online behavior advertising.

To opt-out or customize choices about the use of information from or about you for online behavioral advertising on desktop and mobile browsers, please visit the DAA and the NAI. To opt-out or customize online behavioral advertising within mobile applications, go to or download the AppChoices app from your device’s app store.
• You can also exercise more fine-grained controls through the settings available to you through your device(s), such as resetting your device’s advertising identifier, selecting “Limit Ad Tracking” (for iOS devices) or “Opt out of Interest-Based Ads” (for Android devices). Please note that your opt-out choices apply to the specific browser or device from which you opt out.
To opt-out from Google using personal information in ads collected by Google or its partners, simply use the Google Ads settings at
Additional Rights for California Residents. If you reside in California, certain additional rights may be available to you. Please visit Your California Privacy Rights to learn more about your rights and how to exercise them.

6. Deleting Your Account

When you delete your account, we delete all personal information we may have about you that is associated with your account. This may be done by going to “delete my account” section in the Voctiv app. However, we may retain information about you in accordance with applicable law, including for various legal, accounting, auditing, and operational purposes.

7. Applicable Law

The Company is headquartered in the U.S. and the Services are intended for users in the U.S. By using the Services, you consent to the transfer of information to the U.S. to the extent applicable, and the collection, storage, and processing of information under U.S. laws.

8. Privacy Policy Changes

From time to time, the Company may revise this privacy policy to reflect changes in the law, the Services, or for other reasons, effective upon posting an updated privacy policy, and providing you with notice, according to applicable law. Any use or access of any of the Services after such notice shall constitute acceptance by you of such changes.

To ensure you are aware of our most updated policies and practices, please check the date posted at the top of the privacy policy each time you use the Services to see if there are any recent updates. In addition, when we make a material change, we will provide notice to you by posting a notice on the Company website, by emailing you to the email address you most recently provided, or by other means allowable by applicable law. To ensure you receive such notice, please ensure your account information is accurate, including your email address and phone number.

9. Questions

To find answers to frequently asked questions or contact our customer support team, simply go to the support section of our Voctiv app. If you have specific questions regarding this privacy policy, Voctiv’s business practices, or your dealings with Voctiv, please email us at or contact us by mail addressed to:

Attention: Customer Support
Voctiv Inc
111 North Market Street, Suite 300
San Jose, California 95113


10. Limited Use Policy

Voctiv’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

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